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2012 年3月1日:中礦資源有限公司之高級副總裁 Richard Hughes 被邀請於韓國珠寶展2012擔任主講

Hong Kong, 1 March, 2012 – World-renowned ruby and sapphire expert, Richard W. Hughes, will speak at the up-coming Jewelry Fair Korea 2012 in Seoul on Friday, April 20. This lecture is being co-organized by Korea's GIA Alumni Association.

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2012 年2月16日:中礦資源有限公司推出InSapphire 系列藍寶石精鑽筆

Hong Kong 16 February, 2012: Sino Resources, one of the world's leading producers of sapphires, announces the release of their InSapphire line of sapphire accent pens. Each pen features one or more genuine sapphire accents sourced from the company's mines in Australia and Laos.

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2011 年11月4日 : 中礦資源有限公司全力支持上海舉辦的 "十週年慈善嘉年華"

Hong Kong, 4 November, 2011 – SinoRMC donated a number of large carat sapphires as in-kind sponsorship to the Charity. These sapphires will be auctioned and proceeds will go to helping children in China suffering from congenital heart diseases.

2011 年10月28日 : 中礦資源有限公司之高級副總裁 Richard Hughes 被邀請在印度Jaipur 舉行的 "從礦場直達巿場" 大會演說

Hong Kong, 28 October, 2011 – World-renowned ruby and sapphire expert, Richard W. Hughes, will speak at the up-coming Colored Gemstone Mines to Market 2011 Conference in Jaipur, India. The conference will be held between 2–4 November 2011 and is being hosted by The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India.

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2011 年10月1日 : 中礦資源有限公司被頒發 "商界展關懹" 大獎

Hong Kong, 1 October, 2011 – Sino Resources Mining Corporation (SinoRMC) has been named one of the recipients of the "Talent-Wise Recruitment" Award Scheme. This marks the first year that SinoRMC has been recognized with this distinction for its commitment to community service and civic engagement.

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2010 年10月11日 : 世界著名紅寶及藍寶石專家 Richard W. Hughes 加盟中礦資源有限公司

Hong Kong, 11 October, 2010 – Sino Resources Mining Corporation (SinoRMC) today announced the appointment of gemstone expert Richard W. Hughes as CEO of the Sapphminco Division, and Senior Vice President of SinoRMC. This move will strengthen the Group's position as one of the world's largest sapphire producers. Based in Hong Kong, Richard will report to SinoRMC's CEO, Simon Hsu.

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2010 年5月10日 : 中礦資源有限公司為慈善機構 "母親的決擇" 籌集二十五萬港元

Hong Kong, 10 May, 2010 – On Friday, May 7th, at a festive fundraiser party and live charity auction at the Marriot Hotel in Hong Kong, Sino Resources Mining Corporation (SRMC) presented Mother's Choice with a 6.28 carat natural gem quality sapphire, that was live auctioned for HK$250,000 (US$32,100). The generous auction result of this unique sapphire attests to the quality and beauty of the sapphire. Proceeds from festive fundraiser party and live charity auction will go towards the operating costs of the various projects that Mother's Choice undertakes in Hong Kong.

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2010 年4月12日 : 中礦資源有限公司在國際寶石開採業創造模範

Hong Kong, 12 April, 2010 – Sino Resources Mining Corporation (SRMC) today announced the company has completed its original agreement with local government in Bokeo, Laos to settle compensation from previous mine operators. In a bold step and to keep up with its environmental achievement, SRMC believed it is necessary to show commitment to the local community by rectifying environmental damage caused by previous mine owners.

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